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Active Folks Have Active Dogs, Says New Study


Do you jog with your dog? New research from the University of Guelph has found that dog guardians who exercise regularly tend to ensure their canine companions also get exercise. That in turn influences whether or not people believe their dogs are a healthy weight. Led by researchers in the university’s Department of Animal Biosciences […]

Kelp: Your New Secret Weapon in Dental Care for Dogs and Cats!


Kelp’s antimicrobial properties make it an excellent natural product to fight and prevent dental disease in dogs and cats. And there’s even better news: you can put down the toothbrush and start feeding your fur baby a special kelp powder! Pet parents now know that dental care is just as important for companion animals as […]

Could a Gluten-Free Diet Improve Your Pup’s Digestive Health?


Your dog’s digestive health is important for their happiness and well-being. And what if we told you that you could potentially improve your pup’s digestion with one simple diet change? A gluten-free diet could be exactly what the vet ordered, and PawFoods is here to make that easy and delicious! Gluten-free diets have been popular […]

Raw Frozen Dog Treats Set Tails (and Tongues) Wagging


Raw frozen dog treats are a safe, delicious, wholesome treat that your dog will consistently come back for – tongue out, tail wagging. Looking for a fun and beneficial dog treat? Try Northwest Naturals raw frozen poultry necks – your dog will definitely thank you! Poultry neck raw frozen dog treats, available in chicken, duck, […]