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How To Train a Bernedoodle


Bernedoodles, a popular hybrid dog breed of Bernese Mountain Dogs (aka Berners) and Poodles, are friendly, intelligent, easy-going dogs, who can make great family members. But some Bernedoodles can be stubborn; they’re not for everyone. The Bernedoodle’s temperament, size and appearance depend on their breeding. Are Bernedoodles family dogs? Well-bred Bernedoodles generally are intelligent, social, […]

Meet Dogdom’s “Gray Ghost” — the Versatile Weimaraner


Everything about the Weimaraner telegraphs speed, stamina and clean-cut beauty. Once seen, this striking dog is never forgotten. Here are seven fun facts about the wondrous Weimaraner. The Weimaraner dog breed backstory The Weimaraner dog breed needs lots of daily exercise and prefer to do it with you. ©Bigandt_Photography /Getty Images The noblemen of Weimar […]

To Dad, From Your Dog — Canine Father’s Day Cards


Would dogs give Father’s Day cards if they could? Of course they would! Dogs never pass up the opportunity to receive love and affection — and give it abundantly in return. However, dogs have unique personalities, just like humans. Some may be sweet and tender while others may be silly and sarcastic. ©Txema_Gerardo | Getty […]

Healthy drinks for your pet to enjoy during cooler weather


Keeping dogs and cats healthy and hydrated during the winter months is more important than ever. Let’s look at why this is, and how you can ensure your pet is getting enough to drink all season long! The importance of hydration is often only talked about in the summertime – but it’s vitally important all […]