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All You Need to Know About Probiotics for Dogs


Probiotics for dogs, whether from supplements or natural sources, can help improve digestive and immune system health in your pet. Both good and bad bacteria can live inside the gastrointestinal tract of dogs. Probiotics are the good or friendly bacteria (and yeast) needed in the gut for healthy digestive and immune system function. Dr. Judy […]

Dog’s Guide to Exercise

We know the importance of staying fit, but did you know fitness is also crucial for dogs? A fit dog is less likely to develop joint issues and behavioural problems.
So how do you start your dog on the road to fitness? The answer depends on your dog’s age and current activity level. Here’s how to get your dog going on the path to physical fitness…

Petting Dogs Boosts Thinking Skills


A recent research study of stressed-out college students found the simple act of petting therapy dogs proved to be more effective at enhancing thinking and planning skills than traditional stress-management programs. The three-year Washington State University study, published in May in the journal AERA Open, randomly assigned students to four-week programs with different combinations of […]

Feeding pets real food with active life force ingredients


High quality, biologically available, healthful diets for dogs and cats are the best path to optimal health and longevity. Historically, pet foods were commercially prepared with rendered and rejected meat by-products from the human food industry, sometimes known as the 4 D’s – dead, dying, diseased, or disabled. They also included vitamins, minerals, and low-grade […]