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How pet-loving People Make the Most of Their Chicken- And Beef-free Recipes For Dogs With Sensitivities


Is your dog allergic to common proteins? Here are some chicken- and beef-free recipes you can make him at home! It is common for dog food to be made with chicken and beef, as it is a relatively inexpensive way to include a lean source of protein that is packed with a range of healthy […]

At-home care tips for cruciate ligament tears in dogs

At-home care tips for cruciate ligament tears in dogs

Get the scoop on meal toppers for dogs and cats, and how even a small amount can make a big impact on your fur babe’s health!

Meal toppers are a healthy, nutritious, and delicious way to add meat-rich protein to your pet’s meals. They’re available in many forms, which helps keep mealtimes exciting! However, with so much choice it can be overwhelming to choose what’s best for your dog or cat. Below is a breakdown of some of the benefits of meal toppers and the best ingredients to look for.

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Social Enrichment Ideas For Cats

If your cat responds negatively to change, she may need some social enrichment! Here are a few techniques to try. Cats are notoriously creatures of comfort and feel most secure when the status quo is uninterrupted. They don’t typically respond well to changes in their environment, and their usual reaction to any unwelcome shifts is […]

Study: Odds of Aggression in Dogs Increased by Size, Breed and Fear

We all know the most important things that determine the level of aggression in a dog is how they’re raised, trained and cared for. That said, a large study of over 9000 dogs has determined aggression towards humans can have multiple reasons behind it. Many previous studies have arrived at similar conclusions, but not all […]

Importing Dogs to Canada: New Rules for Commercial Puppy Imports

OTTAWA, ON, May 4, 2021 /CNW/ – Following a review of existing import requirements, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is implementing changes for commercial dogs under 8 months of age that are imported for breeding and resale end uses (which includes adoption) to improve compliance with humane transport and animal health requirements. This review was initiated after […]