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Holistic Ways to Keep Dachshunds in Shape


Obesity can cause problems for any dog breed, but it’s particularly problematic for the dachshund. The iconic breed is well-known and beloved for its long body and short legs. Unfortunately, that same trademark frame can lead to painful- and potentially fatal- problems when it carries around too much excess weight. Take a look at some of their most common health conditions…

A New Breed of Animal Control

“It takes a village.” It’s a saying that’s applied to inciting social change in cities, raising a child and fighting viruses. It’s also the mindset that helped a municipal animal shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina, receive its first-ever No-Kill community designation.
“No shelter can do it without the help of the community,” says Melissa Knicely, public information specialist for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control (AC&C).