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Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety? Reiki May Help!


Separation anxiety is a common behavioral problem in dogs. Find out how Reiki can help calm your dog’s fear of being left alone. If your dog barks non-stop, destroys the furniture, or has accidents in the house when you’re out, he likely has separation anxiety. Alleviating the problem may involve positive training, behavior modification, and […]

How Reiki Can Help Your Dog or Cat Through Stressful Transitions


Life transitions can be stressful, and our animal companions are affected as much as we are. Reiki is a non-invasive healing modality that can help. Stress comes under many guises, both positive and negative. Moving to a new home; dealing with a separation or bereavement; seeing a child off to college for the first time; […]

Yellow Tulip Project: How to Improve Mental Health with Dogs


The youth-led mental health organization Yellow Tulip Project has launched a mental health awareness campaign called Tails & Tulips, where people are encouraged to get out and move it with their pets. Director of Events, 18-year-old Madeleine Manno of Boston, Massachusetts — who has two dogs and two cats herself — says, “Animals have such […]

Holistic vets who work with animal communicators  


Once dismissed as bogus, animal communication is starting to be taken more seriously by holistic veterinarians, some of who are now working with communicators to help enhance patient care. Animal communicators have been around almost as long as holistic veterinarians. But it’s only been more recently that they’ve started working together as a way to […]