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How Your Dog Can Benefit from Medicinal Mushrooms


After CBD, medicinal mushrooms have become the next big focus of interest among dog parents and veterinarians. Mushrooms offer potential health benefits to dogs, not only for maintaining health and wellness, but also for addressing difficult-to-manage problems such as cancer, canine dementia, stress and anxiety, and seasonal allergies, to name just a few. This article […]

Can I Use Mushrooms for Pet Allergies?


A few specific types of functional mushrooms have many beneficial properties that can help your pet with allergies. Pet allergies are complicated. There isn’t always a simple solution to manage them and reduce symptoms. But some medicinal mushrooms can help to alleviate allergy symptoms in dogs and cats. What Causes Allergy Symptoms? Mast cells are […]

What’s so Special About Turkey Tail Mushrooms for Dogs?


For many centuries, Turkey Tail mushrooms have had a reputation for helping to bolster the immune system. There is increasing scientific evidence that these mushrooms can be useful as a natural, adjunct therapy for the human cancer patient. Now, it is becoming a natural therapy choice for pets with cancer. Research into Turkey Tail Mushrooms […]

Top 3 Mushroom Extracts for Senior Dogs and Cats


Aging dogs and cats sometimes need extra help staying young, and mushrooms are a perfect wellness tonic for all senior animals. Let’s look at the best mushrooms for dogs and cats! Pet parents know that their dogs and cats may face physical challenges as they age, but what about their mental state? Cognitive decline can […]

Are Mushrooms Safe for Dogs and Cats?


The fantastic kingdom of fungi and its many tasty mushrooms have captured the imagination of folks everywhere. This has a lot of pet parents asking: Are mushrooms good for dogs and cats? The answer to this question is an unequivocal and emphatic YES! Mushrooms are a superfood that contain high-quality protein, excellent fiber, and compounds […]