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Dog Study: Strong Link Between Respiratory and Digestive Diseases


August 23, 2023 – Missouri – While the respiratory and digestive systems of canines have previously been studied independently, researchers at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) have been investigating the interplay between disorders in either of these systems for the last decade. One of their most recent studies supports a strong […]

Looking for a Rescue Dog? Here’s How to Avoid Scams


Scammers seem to have infiltrated almost every area of modern life, and sadly, some are even posing as dog rescues. Here are seven ways to avoid being scammed when adopting a rescue dog. Scams are commonplace nowadays. From weird text messages to phony demands for account information, we’ve learned to just press “delete”. But when […]

Unleash Your Dog’s Vitality: The Case for Daily Dog Supplements


In an ideal world, your pooch is getting all the vitamins and minerals he or she needs through their food. Newsflash: we don’t live in an ideal world. Your pup may be missing out on essential nutrients for good health, courtesy of hindrances like environmental pollution, processed food, and pup-pickiness. Enter dog supplements. As humans, […]

More Thieves Are After Your Dog: Here’s How to Protect Them


The following report and tips are provided by a UK writer. We added some US & Canadian information for your convenience. Be careful out there! Prices for a new pup have stabilised at a higher level than before the pandemic at over £1300 (approximately $2200 CAD or $1650 USD), unfortunately making furry friends prime targets […]

9 Ways to Manage Canine Hip Dysplasia—an Integrative Approach


From acupuncture to regenerative medicine, an integrative approach is an effective way to manage canine hip dysplasia and the osteoarthritis that often arises from it. Hip dysplasia is the most common congenital joint problem in dogs. It affects several breeds, with a higher prevalence in larger ones. Some dogs with dysplastic hips will never show […]

Can Geriatric Dogs Benefit from Chiropractic Care?


Geriatric dogs are often prone to a host of health problems, from arthritis to kidney disease to cognitive decline. Here’s how chiropractic adjustments can help with these issues, and more. As dogs age, they often develop health problems. Their joints get stiff and sore, their kidneys don’t work as well as they used to, and […]