UK’s “Ugliest” Dogs Capture’s the Nation’s Hearts


In a comical twist on the traditional beauty contest, a photography printing firm in the UK recently held a contest to find the country’s ugliest dog. After months of sifting through hundreds of entries, the judges at Finally picked a winner — a Chinese Crested/Pug mix named Peggy who lives with her person, Holly […]

Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety? Reiki May Help!


Separation anxiety is a common behavioral problem in dogs. Find out how Reiki can help calm your dog’s fear of being left alone. If your dog barks non-stop, destroys the furniture, or has accidents in the house when you’re out, he likely has separation anxiety. Alleviating the problem may involve positive training, behavior modification, and […]

Summer Road Trips with Your Dog—What You Need to Know


Factoring your dog’s health, safety and comfort into your travel plans makes for a summer road trip that’s fun and stress-free. Over 100 million Americans will be taking road trips with their dogs this summer. If you’re among them, boning up on your canine travel IQ will help your best friend stay safe, healthy, and […]

Adaptogenic Mushrooms for Dogs and Cats


Adaptogens are compounds found in plants that can help the body to manage stress. We know they’re present in roots, herbs, and other plant substances. But a lot of people don’t realize that there are also adaptogenic mushrooms! Knowledge of adaptogens is relatively new. But people are becoming increasingly interested in them for themselves and […]