Celebrating 20 Years of Leadership in the Animal Supplement Industry


The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) is proudly celebrating 20 years of successful advocacy and leadership, actions that have helped sustain and elevate the animal supplement industry for the benefit of millions of dogs, cats and horses. What began as a passionate grassroots effort, with 18 dedicated founding member companies, has grown into the leading […]

Pandemic Dogs and Puppies: Socialization and Behavioral Issues


Help your dog with socialization, overreactivity and separation-related issues developed during the Covid-19 pandemic. You may have heard dogs born in 2020 called pandemic puppies or dogs. These dogs developed behavioral issues related to growing up on lockdown. If this describes your dog, he may need help navigating a world outside COVID lockdown, since he […]

5 Tips for Beginners


Gone are the days of strict obedience Dog training, so unless you aspire to compete in obedience, relax. Cues like sit, come and manners are important, but first, you need to establish a solid foundation. This includes teaching your dog to exist harmoniously with you and your family and fit comfortably into our human-centered world. […]