What’s Your Dog Parent Devotion Score?


The most devoted dog parents in America make choices about their careers, love lives, living situations, and finances to benefit their four-legged besties.

Being a good dog parent requires time, love, patience, and resources. So what does it mean to be one of the most dedicated dog parents in the country? A recent Forbes Advisor study looked at the states with the most devoted dog parents and what they were willing to do for their animal companions. Let’s see what dedicated dog parents in the top 10 states would do for their beloved pups.

They’d Move House to Give Their Dog a Better Life

Dogs need space, and the bigger they are and the more active they are, the more space they need. You wouldn’t want to keep an active German Shepherd in a tiny apartment—it wouldn’t be good for the dog or your stuff!

Most people choose companion animals that suit their situations. But some dog parents will actually move from an apartment to a house to give Fido a yard to play in.

They’d Pick a Job to Spend More Time with Their Pooch

Striking a healthy work-life balance is challenging for anybody, especially people with four-legged kids at home. Lots of dog parents use doggy daycare and dog walking services. Others make career choices that benefit their dogs. That includes people who will leave a job they like, stay at a job they don’t like, or take a pay cut so they can work remotely and stay at home with their dog or bring their pup to work.

They’d Tighten the Purse Strings for Their Pup’s Benefit

It’s no secret that dog parents spend tons on toys, treats, food, and pampering. Apparently, though, some will cut their personal budgets so they can afford food, vet visits, medications, and other expenses for their dogs.

They’d Spend Thousands on Medical Care

Pet parents know they have to either budget for medical expenses or have another plan (like pet insurance or subscription benefits) in place to afford unexpected vet costs. But some expenses are exorbitant, and sometimes dog parents spend thousands—$4,000 or more—on life-saving care.

They’d Break Up with a Significant Other in Favor of Fido

It may be hard to believe, but not everybody in the world loves every dog they meet. While this may be something that some dog parents are willing to overlook in a potential romantic partner, apparently not everybody is so forgiving. According to the study, nearly 7% of people were willing to break up with a significant other because that person didn’t get along with their dog.

The Forbes Advisor study looked at these criteria and ranked the states based on how many dog parents would make these choices for their dogs. The top 10 ranking states were Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Alaska, Nevada, Texas, Arkansas, Washington, Delaware, and Oregon.

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